The meeting point for installers, commercial and
public sector end users

15-17 March 2016
5-7 April 2016

Adapt in the new solar landscape: Advice for installers, councils and commercial energy users

Our roadshows are free, technology agnostic, half day events that provide a concise and educational experience targeting installers, local councils, and commercial energy buyers, with view of enabling networking and knowledge exchange that will ultimately benefit everyone involved.The goal is to bring as many installers, local business and councils together in order to facilitate discussion and help the industry grow.

In 2016, Solar Power Portal's Roadshows will help you:

  • Meet energy buyers and see how solar can reduce cost and lower risk of increasing bills
  • Learn how to conduct an energy audit, including best practice advice for businesses and installers
  • Gain feedback from an installation and hear from the buyers
  • Calculate the return on an installation how long will it take to recoup your investment?
  • Lead the uptake of storage- a possible PV game changer?
  • Adapt new technologies and techniques that will revolutionise your installations


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