The meeting point for installers, commercial and
public sector end users

15-17 March 2016
5-7 April 2016

Edinburgh 17 March

Venue: Musselburgh Racecourse

Confirmed Speakers:


08:30 Registration & coffee

09:00 Welcome from the chair- John Forster, Chair, STA Scotland



09:10 Doing Solar PV in the public sector

  • Is there still time to install domestic solar PV? 
  • Which properties are better suited?
  • Project deliver- what to look out for?

Marc Wynn, Director, Asset Utilities & Asset LED



09:25 Conducting an energy audit

  • Why energy audits are vital for the future of the industry
  • Increase self-consumption for both residential and commercial clients
  • What part can an installer play in helping an organisation to conduct an energy audit?
  • The importance of “intelligent” energy use in making an installation profitable

Griff Thomas, Managing Director, GTEC



09:40 Localised cost of energy and how it can affect you

  • How to make sure you are fully taking advantage of your space
  • The localised cost of energy in your region

Barrie Davies, Country Manager, Jinko Solar


09:55 Overview of finance models available- how to make solar work for you

  • Adapting to the market changes to survive and grow
  • Importance of electricity load and tariff analysis 
  • innovative funding options for solar PV and integrated solutions

Andrew Padmore, CEO, Egnida



10:10 MCS12 code of conduct and what it means for installers

  • MCS12 checklist- are you prepared?
  • Setting quality standards and increasing market confidence
  • Clarifications of wind loading, weather tightness and fire proof regulations

Charlie Greenway, European Manager, Clenergy


10:25 Networking break 

This session will allow you to look at a selection of different technologies or visit sponsors and network with installers for advice:

  • Panels
  • Inverters
  • Storage
  • Financing a project
  • Heat Storage



11:10 Heat storage focus session

  • How to pick up the right heat storage for your property
  • Calculating saving by heat storage
  • Other technologies that compliment heat storage.

Joan Pisanek, Manager, Sunamp

11:25 Storage: the game-changer?

  • What are your options: batteries, heat, electric vehicles
  • What impact would storage have on demand charges for a business?
  • The path towards  commercial viability for storage
  • Storage code of conduct

Lauren Cook, Policy Analyst, REA
Martin Cotterel, Application Engineer, Tesla Energy



12:00 Regulation changes: What it means for commercial users and installers

  • Overview of what happened last year​
  • Focus on FiT changes and impacts
  • Do the new tariffs stack up?
  • How can we make them work?
  • What is on the horizon for 2016?

David Pickup, Business Analyst, STA

12:15 Networking lunch 


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