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15-17 March 2016
5-7 April 2016

Dr Christian Jardine

Technical Director, Joju Solar

Dr. Christian Jardine is a founder member of Joju Solar and has been involved with solar PV since 2001 when he ran Oxford University's research into solar energy and microgeneration. He is recognised as one of the UK's foremost experts in the performance of solar PV and is the author of prize-winning papers on the subject, as well as leading publications such as "PV in the UK" and "Power from the People".  Chris oversees the technical design of solar PV systems at Joju Solar and ensures their rigorous quality standards are met.

Joju Solar have been responsible for many installations on schools, particularly as part of community energy programmes.  We have installed large portfolios of schools for Wey Valley Solar Schools, the Low Carbon Hub, Low Carbon Oxford North, and the School’s Energy Coop in recent years.  This summer has been particularly busy, with 632kW installed on 29 roofs across 10 schools – and all done in 5 weeks! We see this as particularly rewarding aspect of our work due to the education consequences of what we do.  However, schools are not without their challenges:  Lack of plans; structural integrity; no disruption in term-time; beaurocracy of boards, governors, and dioceses; all make for a challenging project management process.


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